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{The Cape}

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Scrunching through coarse sand on a morning dense with fog, there is

no separation between ocean and sky. Thick dank air mixes with salt

spray as a lone surfer emerges then recedes into the eeriness.

We ascend the steep staircase twisting through tangles of native

spinach. Sounds of laboured breathing pierce the silence. On the last

landing, we pause and stare out to sea. Native grasses and gnarled

Moonah trees line the steep track. We encounter feeding wallabies who

look up inquisitively.

As we alight the summit of this ancient rugged cape, we drink in the

magnificence. The headland is covered in mist that drifts toward the cliff

edge. It merges with low-lying clouds where they meet the stunning

granite bluffs. Pacific gulls launch off the rock face and cavort in midair,

relishing their freedom. In this moment, separated from everyday

reality, we are standing on the precipice of existence.

Ajanta Judd, Photo and Words July 2020

All Rights Reserved

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