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I am only satisfied when it burns cold

When the brittle edge of the chill

Kisses heat’s searing mouth

To the west, to the east, the north and south

That’s where I’ll be

In that place where extremes merge

In a fusion of simmering electrifying ecstasy,

Gifts are laid at the feet of the Goddess

Atoms swirl and twirl with feverish delight

No place for the faint of heart or, non-believer


A stark towering cliff face rises from the icy inferno

To meet the lucid swell of a restless ocean

A withering clash - a writhing crash

Steaming vapour gushes into an endless azure sky


A moist cloudy plume pierces the great nothing

Black and red and black and orange

As charged coils of energy gaily bounce

from base to crown - into existence they pounce


Bursting with life, simmering with death

Glorious sight to behold, the intake of breath

Then a long slow exhale and all is transformed

In the blink of an eye, the calm and the storm


Where, in the midst I sit, content and replete

Amid splendour and ice, symphony and heat

Dependant arising, a spectator’s humble delight

I am the mountain, that cliff face, the dark and the light.


Ajanta Judd | Poem 2016 | Photo 2022 | All Rights Reserved

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