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Are you brave enough?

How many colours has my soul? Which one is the strongest? Which one is the weakest? Which one is the wicked? Which one has the power to drag your soul into a journey that will challenge you? Are you the wicked one? What colours are you? Who is the one now reading intent into my words? Making assumptions? Uttering righteous comments – making subjective judgements? Which, like a medieval sword challenges my heart, confronts my soul? Whilst others choose to use my words like a knife with two blades Do my words have the power to awake a dormant flower under the ice? Like a pale ray of sun breaking the heavy clouds in the mist of winter? Is it poetry of the soul? Are they words from the divine? Are they words that can say more than words can say? Words that seek to describe that which is indescribable? The ineffable, indefinable, transcendental, courageous, infinite. These words of soul’s connection, soul’s expression of the divine The devil’s trumpeting or, the angel’s sweet melodious intonations Are you brave enough to receive them?


Ajanta Judd, Photo and Words: Poem 2018; Photograph 2022

All Rights Reserved

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