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I live in a beautiful part of the world - Phillip Island or, Millowl which is Boon Wurrung traditional First Nations lands. I feel very privileged and grateful to reside here and there is much scope for photography within the natural environment. I delight in adventuring out to this wonderland of never ending delights and immersing myself in my passions of writing and photography.


To that end, amidst my eclectic box of tricks, I am a poet, a writer, and a photographer. I’m told that I have a good eye and that may be so but what I know is that when I am fully connected with my surroundings - to the land, nature, and the trees - when I feel spiritually at one with all - that is when I take my best photos.


I enjoy taking an eclectic range of photography and immersing myself in the process. I’m also passionate about digitally manipulating and metamorphosing my photos to draw out hidden meanings – always with deep spiritual reverence in their transmutation.


Capturing my photos is a mindful contemplation wherein sometimes I might manipulate them into more abstract digitalised art forms. This process is a ‘bearing witness to all possibilities’ and it enables me to flow single pointedly – as in meditation - with what I create. In this sense, there is a transcendence of everyday reality as I am creating images deep in meaning and yet they are essentially ineffable.  They are best described as a manifest representation of heart ecology – of the spirit merging with the inner and outer worlds and all that is beyond the reach of our senses.


Ajanta Judd Arts and Photography Curriculum Vitae



1996 BA Honours incl. Art History; 2022 MA Creative Writing & Literature


Solo Exhibition

2019  BEAN’d, San Remo


Group Exhibitions (Selected)

2023  Phillip Island Contemporary Exhibition Space Pop Up Exhibition

2022  Arts Society Phillip Island Region, Easter Exhibition

2022  Arts Society Phillip Island Region, Cup Weekend Exhibition

2021  Artists’ Society of Phillip Island, Easter Art Exhibition

2021  The Goldsmith’s Studio, San Remo, ABC Group Exhibition

2020  Isolated Penguins, Phillip Island, Covid Lockdown Exhibition

2019  ‘Bloom’, Forest Edge Stone Gallery, Kallista, Group Exhibition

2019  Artists’ Society of Phillip Island, Cup Weekend Art Exhibition

2018  Wonthaggi Artspace, Wonthaggi Group Exhibition

2012  Creswick Railway Workshops Biennale Group Exhibition

2011  Verses and Visions, Creswick, Group Exhibition

2007  Ocean Shores, NSW, Art Expo Group Exhibition

2006  Byron Bay, NSW, Beggars Banquet Group Exhibition



2021 Winner, Other Medium, Artists’ Society of Phillip Island Easter Art Exhibition

2019 Highly Commended, Artists’ Society of Phillip Island Cup Weekend Art Exhibition



2016  Current Member, Arts Society Phillip Island Region

2020  Current Member, Phillip Island Contemporary Exhibition Space

2018  Life Member, Wonthaggi Art Space

2015  Current Member, Life Models Society

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